But I Can Open A Store Myself, Why Do I Need TechVoo®?

This is a great question, and at the root of what you should be evaluating as we begin our conversation and mutual vetting.

Let’s start by looking at some of the facts:

  • Independent businesses vs. franchised businesses: When you go it alone, there is over a 70% failure rate vs. over 80% SUCCESS rate in franchise businesses.
  • Technical center of expertise: No one person or technician can stay fully updated on current technology.  Our team of experts provides the knowledge base you need to run the business smoothly.
  • Wide product and service offering to reach a wide customer base: We service business and residential clients.
  • Custom workflow: we’ve engineered a “way of doing business” that’s custom and let’s YOU (the Business-minded, Non-Tech), execute and do what you do best – grow the company and profit.
  • Support: In a word, this is what it comes down to and what the phrase “In business for yourself but not by yourself” means.

CAN you open a computer sales and service center on your own?  Of course.

Will it SUCCEED?  That’s not quite as easy.

If you are the right fit, TechVoo® Franchising will take you under its wing and together achieve more in less time.