Question One

Do I need to be a computer expert to run a TechVoo® franchise?

No, being a computer expert is not a requirement to operate a TechVoo® franchise. TechVoo® offers ongoing support and a thorough training program. Guidance and assistance will also be readily available for any franchisee on how to find the right technicians. Franchisees are required to be client-focused in order to run a TechVoo® franchise.

What are the benefits to franchising?

Franchising can minimize the risk and allows individuals to pursue their goals of operating their own business.  TechVoo® has already proven to be successful and has the tools and resources to make you successful as well. The  TechVoo® Franchise model with allow you to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

How many employees are needed to run a  TechVoo® store?

For each store, about 2-3 employees are needed to operate at an optimal level.  TechVoo® can offer assistance on how to find the right individuals and technicians to place in your store.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the TechVoo® office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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