The TechVoo Difference

The TechVoo® Difference

Today’s consumers and businesses are often caught between big box retailers and a “guy or gal they know” to help them with technology needs.  Consumers often deal with a lack of customer service or inadequate experience with those options. With more than a decade of experience, TechVoo® is the answer to this large, profitable and often untapped market.  We provide a single source for both businesses and consumers for expert IT products and services, while providing an excellent customer experience. Unlike other companies, TechVoo® doesn’t simply specialize in one single service. Instead, we serve a wide range of technology needs, including selling new and used equipment, solving hardware and software issues, setting up networks and business servers.

What sets TechVoo® apart is our personalized customer service. Customers can receive expert answers for their IT needs by coming into a retail store, having a technician visit them onsite or scheduling a convenient remote connection to complete the work.

Commercial clients provide a recurring revenue base, but with both in-store and off-site support, every person and business has the potential to be a TechVoo® client.  Become part of our franchise family and see the TechVoo® difference in your own earning potential. TechVoo® offers all clients both in-store and offsite support, in addition to providing managed service plans for any client that requests ongoing support.

As a TechVoo® franchisee, you have the opportunity to be the single source for all your clients’ technology needs. They won’t need to turn anywhere else.


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